Subliminal Sectional
Subliminal Sectional

Subliminal Sectional


The Subliminal Sectional allows you to create the group seating area that best suits your room size and usage, so you get exactly what you want. Subliminal Sectional modular components include sofas with and without arms, corner sections, curve sections, swivel and pushback chairs, as well as loveseats and chaise lounges in one coordinated seating area. The flexibility and versatility of this sectional allows you to create the seating area that will satisfy your needs.

The Subliminal Sectional allows you to display numerous affirmations, artwork, or messages, creating an inviting atmosphere and a safe place to grow. Experience Thoughtful Furnishings, Seating Is Believing.

PLEASE NOTE our embroidered panel system is available only on specific components of this sectional. We suggest you contact us and allow our interior designer to assist you with creating your BEST modular sectional. There is no charge for this design service, we are more than happy to help you make your best purchase.

Designed for Commercial Facilities, a definite upgrade for In-Home Use. Remain comfortable and receptive for hours on end. Extensively used in training rooms and self-improvement facilities for continuous education in a group setting.

We have spent years evaluating and creating what we consider your best long-term investment, in a quality furniture covering. Please call to speak to a specialist about pricing and placing a custom sectional order!

Available Colors:

Our interior design expert will assist you in choosing the components for the best seating experience. Click below to get started!


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